How to furnish your home for Christmas

The Christmas atmosphere is something absolutely wonderful, there are those who feel “inside Christmas” before and those after, but in any case at some point everything changes, the cities are filled with lights, the windows become shiny, the environment cools off but warms up inside.

To bring a bit of Christmas to our homes, it takes very little, and only a few tricks are needed without having to spend a fortune and without having to have an interior decorator!

The first thing we see when we enter the house is the entrance door and the doormat. Today there are millions of Christmas doormats, funny or elegant, that welcome us with a piece of music when we arrive or that “greet” us with a nice writing, in short, joke!
At the entrance door can not miss a garland that can be bought or even made with your hands in order to completely customize it, perhaps with real sprigs of butcher’s broom, fir and mistletoe or with colored fabric decorations.
If you are really lazy and don’t want to buy or achieve anything, just take a sprig of mistletoe, tie it with a nice red bow and hang it on your door.

In addition to being cute, it will also be a great reason to kiss your sweetheart there every time you come home. Inside the house you can use small tricks to make the environment warmer and more welcoming.
Think, for example, of placing candles, perhaps choosing them in Christmas colors, in various corners of the house, lighting them when you are cooking or relaxing while you are on the sofa. The burning of candles will create a warm and flickering light and if the candles used are scented a very good aroma will accompany you on your evenings at home.

Typical of Christmas are the pine cones and slices of dried orange, beautiful to make centerpieces with a few sprigs of fir, perhaps putting a beautiful candle in the center, or you can simply take some transparent glass vases and fill them with colored or single-colored Christmas balls .

Buy yourself a beautiful Christmas star, plants in general make the environment welcoming, this is really a Christmas must! In the bedroom you prefer a red or gold blanket and if you like them use the candles there too.
Put on the sofa a Christmas blanket or a warm fleece with Christmas colors, add a decorative pillow with a nice Christmas design and if you move from the tree, maybe put a string of lights in the bookcase or in the piece of furniture you have in the living room.

Use perfumers for the home with cinnamon, orange and spice fragrances and if you like you can also put those rubber designs to stick to windows with snowflakes or Christmas characters.