Style tips for your home

Are you thinking of giving a touch of renewal to your home or your seaside apartment without spending too much? Here are eight little style tips for an apartment to be discovered!


Put yourself in “line”, no matter if thin or maxi, in relief or set, what matters is having them! They represent a real passe-partout for a refined and classy decor.


Little by little the warm materials like terracotta are undermining the industrial style. Choose it opaque, to bring a natural and warm touch to the fireplaces, in the kitchen and, why not, even in the bathroom!


Stand on the chairs! Among the materials, plastic and wood are the masters but in the last period even the metal is regaining ground. Then, of course, choose bright or classic colors but with particular details!


Light, ecological and waterproof, these are just some of its features that have brought cork to the fore. Its elegance and versatility makes it ideal for bar tables, sitting at the top and, if you want to exaggerate, you can cover entire walls.


If you love reading you cannot give up the library wall, perhaps in the corridor to welcome guests with literary masterpieces or with your favorite comic book collection.


Busy life? With a few tricks you can create a small oasis of tranquility inside your home. A comfortable eco-leather sofa positioned in front of a fireplace or, in a well-lit corner, places plants and maybe a mini zen table-top garden.


Marble, marble and more marble. From the dining room to the bathroom, this material is becoming more and more a must among the experts and not only. Inevitable then in a kitchen, perhaps open space, for a floor of the peninsula or island that will leave everyone speechless.


Mirror, mirror of my desires, who has the most beautiful house in the realm? From the room of the witch of Snow White to the walls of the apartment the bass, especially this year, is short! Not only are they useful for a last check before going out but they give brightness to rooms and corridors.