Services to save on bills

Containing consumption, as we know, is a need for many families: energy, gas or light, being able to get the best from services without spending a fortune is today one of the most discussed points in the family. Thanks to new technologies, also in favor of the environment, many Italians have decided to make investments that will make it possible to contain costs in the long term. Below you will find the 5 most requested services, for which the largest number of quotes have been registered in recent years.

FIXTURES – In the first place there are the fixtures, and in particular those that are highly insulating, that do not allow the external air to pass, for a better maintenance of the ideal temperature inside. In this way it will therefore be possible to avoid switching on air conditioners and heating, or at least using them in a reduced manner. The required estimates go in favor of PVC frames: cheap and versatile, they are characterized by low thermal conductivity, thus maintaining the warmth of winter and the coolness of summer. The quality-price ratio of PVCwindows and doors is excellent, also considering their insulating capacity against humidity or in case of fire, as well as, for example, if you live or have a house by the sea, against saltiness.

BOILER – The second service concerns the boiler. Buying a new boiler means facing an important expense, which rarely falls below €2,000, but the good news is that thanks to the ecobonus you can recover some of the money spent. In fact, it provides a tax deduction of 65% for all those who purchase a class A boiler that also includes the installation of advanced thermoregulation valves. Those who choose a class A boiler without the valve system will be able to benefit from a 50% deduction; if the boiler is instead of class B or lower, no deduction is foreseen.

HOME AUTOMATION – One of the trend services in recent years concerns home automation. Modern innovations and technologies make it possible to optimize the comfort of one’s own home, while also reducing consumption. Thanks to home automation, users can control all aspects of the house directly from a smartphone or from a control unit. Turn the light on and off, adjust the heating and air conditioning system, manage the alarm, all this can now be controlled with a simple click, and translates into significant savings in the bill and in greater functionality of the house.

PHOTOVOLTAIC – In fourth place we find instead the photovoltaic plant, which is experiencing an exponential growth. This revolutionary system of modules allows you to save significantly on the energy that self-consumes and self-produces, or every kilowatt-hour self-produced translates into a kilowatt hour taken from the bill. This means that if for example the user has a requirement of 15KWh per day, and is able to produce and self-consume the same amount through the plant, his bill will be zero. Compensating production and self-consumption is not always easy, however in certain periods of the year it will be possible to get very close to this value, obtaining savings of around 90%. Also here, as for the boiler, there are tax deductionsfor the purchase of the plant, which can reach 50% and thus allow the high initial expense to be amortized.

THERMAL INSULATION – The last service required regards thermal insulation, which involves the use of panels or loose materials inside the walls, in order to isolate the house from outside temperatures. The cost of this service is quite high and is around €50 – €80 per square meter, depending on the technique and material chosen. It goes without saying that an intervention of this kind in a medium-large dwelling provides a very important expense, however, in the long term, the savings obtained in the bill will make it possible to recover the money initially spent. The thermal insulation, as well as in the walls, can be applied to the floors and to the roof, and even here there are advantageous tax deductions.